Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our New Four Legged Friend

Meet Roxy.  Yes, we broke down and bought the kids a dog...sort of...  I say sort of because, of course, the children had great expectations, as did I, of their overwhelming desire to take care of the dog.  I heard many promises like, "I will walk the dog every day" and "I will play with the dog and feed the dog and...."  Obviously, after 4 days of playing rock paper scissors to see whose turn it was to take the dog out into cold morning air to go to the bathroom wasn't as much fun as it was the previous 3 days.  The novelty had worn off.  Luckily for us, she is a fabulous dog.  We researched dogs alot to make sure we got one that was small, didn't shed, loved children, didn't need a ton of exercise and was cute, of course!  She is 10 weeks old and we love her to death.  She thinks that she is one of the kids and loves to cuddle on your lap and be held.  
I often find her here, snoozing away with one of the kids

Or here, snoozing away on Erik's favorite blanket.  That might take a little getting used to...sharing your favorite blanket?  She is cool if Alta wants to carry her around the house by just her neck or carry her upside by her back legs.  She doesn't mind if Libby makes her ride Markus' giant dinosaurs and she surely doesn't mind going down the slides at the park with the kids.  She is everything we wanted (except for the occasional accident in the house).  


Anisa said...

She's so cute!!! I want a dog:(

HEATHER and JON said...

I love her! You got right on the blog after talking to you about no Roxy photos yet. I am so proud of you! She is such a sweetie pie. Thanks for sharing!

amy said...

What kind of dog is she?Your kids are pretty lucky - my kiddos are dying for a dog.