Saturday, March 14, 2009

California 2009

Erik's dream has been to suprise the kids and take them to Disneyland. We have often gone to California in the summertime and stood in line on the rides with the rest of the United States in the blazing hot sun. Now I know that I am from Arizona and California weather doesn't compare, but it is still hot just standing there. We were so excited to go in the offseason hoping to avoid some of the crowds. We are also looking forward to escaping the snow. I absolutely love California weather and couldn't help but get excited when the temperature in the car rose above 65 degrees. The day started out by grabbing the kids from school at about 2:00. Calming them down until about 2:05 with all the excited screams. An overnight stay at Stateline in Nevada because we booked a hotel for $6.00 a night. Free all you can eat breakfast in the morning because the hotel initially gave us a room with the headboard falling off the wall, no comforters on the bed and all the lightbulbs missing. And then off to Disneyland once the bags were unpacked.
We spent 4 days between Disneyland and California adventure. The kids' goal was to see as many characters as they could. As you will soon see, Alta was not at all excited to see the characters.

Erik's mom grew up in San Pedro, California so we took her with us so that she could spend a couple of days with her mom and a couple of days with us. We didn't tell the kids this surprise until Cathy and her aunt met us at Disneyland the following day. Cathy opted to fly to Cali rather than spend the 11 hours in the car. Smart move for her. :)

Markus was sooo excited that he was tall enough to ride all of the rides at both parks. He did have to wear his hiking boots sometimes just for that extra inch.
What would a day at Disneyland be without a huge turkey leg for lunch. Actually, we have laughed at these turkey legs for years and decided to try them out.

Here is Libby and I waiting for the boys to return with our Disneyland tickets. This trip was a much needed vacation for us all and we had a great time. I think that I am ready to go again.


Anisa said...

It's good to see you are catching up! Sorry to hear about Erik's dad.

My kids want to go to Disneyland so bad. We went to Disneyworld last spring and nothing can compare. We love the huge turkey legs! Joren didn't like the characters either. Maybe they are just too young!

Godfrey Family said...

Hey Mel I'm also sorry to hear about Erik's dad.

The Disneyland pics look so fun. We are thinking about taking Max this summer. Glad you got to get away and enjoy the great weather.

Barry and Rochelle said...

Dude. It's about time. Looks so fun! Just think if I lived in Utah I could of paid for half of that really awesome room so stayed in at Stateline. Or maybe I would have driven the rest of the way to avoid it. Libby looks so old in that picture - Can't wait to see everyone! Love you!

Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

What a blast! Looks like "dreams really do come true." Glad you guys had such a good time.


Melissa said...

Nice to get updated. I was sorry to hear about Erik's dad.
We love Disneyland. I love how you surprised them.
It is always fun to hear and see what your up to.