Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Does bribery really work?

I have to start by saying I love Christmas especially all the suprises that surround this Holiday Season.  My kids love gifts and quite often feel they deserve everything and anything they so desire, despite the constant groan from my checkbook.  Markus was overcome with the desire for us to buy him Nightvision goggles for Christmas.  He was so cute about how excited he was giving me, of course, a fantastic idea on what to get him for his last and very special present..one that I had been contemplating on what that "special" present was for days.  Anyway, Erik and I decided to not let him off that easy and to explain to Markus that although it sounded like a great idea it just might be too expensive for us to buy for him.  We suggested he ask Santa.  Santa ALWAYS has more money.  He wrote a note, all by himself (mostly) to Santa with his heartfelt request, and set it on the fireplace where Santa would be sure not to miss it.

Fast forward 2 hours later. Erik and I had already shuffled the kids to the neighbors, gone to Sams Club, purchased the coveted Nightvision goggles, and tucked them away safely in the truck to be removed after the kiddies had gone to bed.  While I was warming myself by the fire, it is awfully cold here by the way, Markus again pleaded with me for the goggles and then happily exclaimed that he had already peeked in the trunk and RUINED MY SURPRISE!!!!!  I was so upset.  Why do they have to peek?  I never even saw him go to the garage, that little sneak.  Well you may guess the rest of the evening.  Markus knew that mommy and daddy had to take back the goggles because he peeked and that if he was good then we could try again at his birthday.  Poor little guy, but I am not going to let him take away my enjoyment of seeing a little boy sooo excited on Christmas.  So I have wrapped the item and will find a way to give it to him around noon on Christmas Day, some 6 hours after all the other presents have been opened.  Argh, so early!!!!

To our pleasant surprise, Erik and I awoke Sunday morning to breakfast in bed by Markus.  Who wouldn't want to wake up to frosted cheerios with a fork (because all the spoons were dirty) peanut butter on toast ( the bread somehow didn't make it to the toaster so it was really peanut butter and bread) and a glass of milk.  I'm still not budging, but it was a good effort.  He is such a sweet little boy and he constantly makes me smile....even if he is a sneek.  


Amber said...

I'm impressed with his ingenuity! What a little smarty-pants. Butter mom & dad up with breakfast in bed = goggles!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

I hate when they snoop! One year I found Jacob showing Iree all of the gifts that were going to be from Santa... I am better at hiding them now!! The little sneaks...I guess we can't blame them... it is so exciting when your a kid.

Barry and Rochelle said...

Love it! That's so Markus. Kiss that kid for me, I miss him bad!

Jill said...

I have the same problem with my boy. Every year he sneaks and finds his presents. Or the UPS man rings the doorbell and delivers the present to him early. The box having a picture of the trikke scooter on the front. So this year I farmed every single present to grandma, and friend and a neighbor. This was the first year he has not found his gift.