Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank Goodness for Beans

I won't say that I frequently get head aches but it does happen occasionally.  I am not sure if my over indulgence of Diet Coke has anything to do with it but when I do get a headache, they tend to be the kind that makes you queezy and want to lie down in a dark room with no light or sound.  A few years ago, I was given a bag full of beans from my Relief Society President that I could heat in the microwave and then place on my head like a heating pad.  This bean bag has become a very close and dear friend.  It is a great listener but a terrible conversationalist.  But nonetheless, it is a coveted item around our house.  The other day Libby was complaining that standing on her head too much, something that she has been working on and has almost mastered, has made her head hurt.  She knew that immediate relief would come once she found "the beanbag".  I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of her relaxing on the couch with my fabulous pillow and my ever so dear bean bag.


Jen said...

I love your pictures... they are so cute. I need to have someone do ours. The kids wont smile for me anymore.

I love the bag of beans... we have a bag of corn and on cold nights sometimes the kids fight for it.

hope you are enjoying the glass castle... my favorite!

Melissa said...

So happy to see all the great updates. I have one of those bean bags and they are a "Must Have" for any aches you may encounter.
Isn't it so great to have all those family photos done? It can be a bit stressful leading up to it, but so worth it.