Friday, July 10, 2009

4 Wheelin' in St. Anthony Idaho

At the end of June we met my brother, Jason, and his family at the sand dunes in St. Anthony Idaho. Erik and I have been aquiring our 4 wheeling equipment over the last 6 months and we were way excited to try them out on the sand. It just isn't the same taking the kids for rides around the block.
Libby has her own 4 wheeling but she was much more comfortable on this trip riding in the Teryx with her cousins and their dog. I am afraid that she has inherited my cautious DNA. And, like me, doesn't want to miss a social event with her cousins so she opted for hours of gossiping sitting down rather than riding.
Markus on the other hand wouldn't miss the opportunity to scare his mom to death with worry as he takes his 4 wheeler as fast as it would go. He had a couple of narly wrecks which resulted in a mouthful of sand but no broken bones, luckily.
We didn't have the correct tires on our ATV's so Erik was constantly getting off his motorcycle to pull Markus out of the sand. Sweet little Markus. With all of this gear on you can only see his eyes and it was so hard to tell if he was having a great time or if he was tearing up a little bit. We went one day for about 4 hours and his little thumb was numb from pushing the throttle for so long. At one time, I had to take him off his bike and cradle him in my arms while he cried. He was such a tropper though. After a little bit of water and a granola bar, he was set to go again.

We can't wait to go again.


Annie said...

THis is Chad's Dream!

Anisa said...

That is just funny. I stayed with a friend in rexburg this week and we took our kids to play in those sand dunes... they are awesome. we didn't have atv's but the kids loved sliding down the hills.

Not to worry you, but my friends husband is a dr. at a clinic in st. anthony and he said they get most of their patients from the sand dunes.